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What is a virtual office?

Virtual office is the official place of business of your company. This is the address where the company is legally registered at. All statutory mail will be sent to this registered office address. Our registered office address allows you to use other office services, including your personal virtual assistant. You may use the office services to the extent needed. You don?t have to rent your own office space, hire office personnel, or buy any office equipment.

What are the office working hours?

Our office premises are open from Monday to Friday, between 09.00 AM and 5.00 PM. This is when you may collect your mail, hire a conference room, or work with your assistant.

What does mail registration service involve?

Each parcel or letter we collect for you will be registered in your personal correspondence logbook, along with the exact receipt date, sender, and number.

Who can receive my incoming mail on my behalf?

Your incoming company mail can be collected by any individual who is authorized to do so in writing.

Do I have to deliver my company stamp?

No, we do not need your company stamp. The incoming company mail will be received on the basis of your authorization in writing.

What happens with my incoming mail if I fail to collect it from you?

We will keep your correspondence at Biznes Spot for the period of 6 months from the date it was received. After this period, your mail will be shredded.

When and how will I be notified of incoming mail?

You will be notified of incoming mail on the same day it is received.

If any mail is delivered to us after 3:00 PM, it is possible that your notification will be sent on the next business day. You will get your notifications to the e-mail address provided


When will I get scans of my incoming mail?

We will send you scans of your correspondence on the day it is received. If any mail is delivered to us after 3:00 PM, it is possible that the scanned correspondence will be sent on the next business day.

How often will you forward my correspondence by regular mail?

Your correspondence will be sent on a weekly basis, by registered mail, to the correspondence address provided.

What does the telephone service involve?

Your company will have a dedicated telephone number. You can record your own welcoming message.

If any of your clients calls your number, your company name will be displayed in the system. The receptionist will be ready to answer the telephone using the name of your company. The receptionist will follow your instructions: the call can be either redirected to the telephone number provided, or the receptionist may continue the conversation and report the information obtained back to you via the client panel.


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