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We offer a wide range of accounting, payroll & HR services.

All of our accountants are holders of valid accounting licenses and are registered with the Ministry of Finance.

We will handle your financial issues in a professional and reliable manner.

If you happen to have a fiscal audit, we will support you in the process by compiling the necessary documents and by providing the requested information to auditors.

Księgowość Warszawa
Document volume per month
Tax revenue and expense ledger Lump-sum income tax Accounting books
VAT payer
Payer exempted from VAT
VAT payer
Payer exempted from VAT
1-10 200 150 160 120 500
11-25 250 200 200 160 600
26-50 250 250 280 200 700
51-100 500 350 400 280 1000
101-150 600 400 480 320 1200
151-200 700 450 560 360 1500
Per each extra 50 documents 100 50 80 40 150

Additional accounting services

HR & payroll per each employee or contract worker
30 / month
Keeping personal files and employee records
Drawing up contracts of mandate / contracts of specific work, based on the documents provided 20
Establishing accounts, developing corporate chart of accounts and accounting policies 500
Reports to the Central Statistical Office of Poland GUS and the National Bank of Poland NBP (the price depends on the complexity of the report) 50 - 150
Issuing invoices, execution of bank transfers (the price depends on the volume of documents handled) 5 - 10 / invoice
State Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (PFRON) reports or declarations 100
Declaration filed to the Municipal Office or the Marshal Office
Drawing up condensed financial statements for banks (compilation of additional documentation of load applications - price to be discussed) 200
Semi-annual financial statement
Review of corporate accounts of a new company (introduction and arrangement of opening balance sheet and initial turnover) 400
Amendments to documents required to correct clients errors 50% of the regular price of accounting and HR services, depending on the type of amendment
Preparing documents concerning the filing of financial statements with the registry court, supporting services accompanying general meeting/shareholders' meetings (the price depends on the volume of work) from 700

All quoted prices are expressed in Polish zloty (PLN) and exclude VAT.


Discounts and special offers for the Virtual Office services

Free help with business registration

Wnioski KRS


Choose our Virtual Office for your company, and we will settle all address update formalities with the National Court Register KRS for free

50% discount on accounting services

Księgowość Warszawa


We offer 50% discount on accounting services for all new businesses. Start a company and register at one of our business venues to get a 3-month discount.

Conference room included

Sala konferencyjna Warszawa


Contract with us to get a free monthly access to a conference room:

My Business Address+: 1 hour
My Head Office: 2 hours
My Head Office+: 2 hours
My Virtual Office: 3 hours
Virtual Secretary Office: 1 hour

Office Services: 4 hours


Virtual office

Wirtualne biuro Warszawa
Virtual office

Get your registered business address with a professional Virtual Office service and share your company?s new location with your contractors. You can use your new office to handle all your company communications and correspondence. You will have a company phone number and a real venue for meetings with business partners.

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Office space

Biura serwisowane Warszawa
Office Space

Meet your business partners in a professional Biznes Spot conference room. Your guests will be welcomed by a receptionist. They will be offered coffee, tea, and a selection of biscuits at your choosing. You can rent a conference room for a few hours or a full day. We also offer a parking space right next to the office building or at an underground parking lot, which is a very convenient option.

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Starting a company

Zakładanie firm Warszawa
Starting a company

Rely on our experienced professionals to help you set up a company easily and quickly without too much hassle. Our experts will also settle all company data update formalities.

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Accounting documents should be delivered to our office at ul. Wiślana 8.

The price depends mainly on the type of business activity and the volume of corporate documents. The accounting services are settled according to a pricelist attached to an accounting service agreement.

Yes, you will have the contact data of your accountant / payroll & HR expert. They can be contacted by phone, e-mail, or in person on prior arrangement.

Yes, your accountant will prepare all necessary documents and will provide the requested files and information to auditors.

Your contact will be valid for an indefinite term, with a three-month period of notice.

Yes, our accounting office has a valid civil liability insurance policy.


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