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UE Funds

OPERATION PROGRAMME INTELLIGENT DEVELOPMENT - for micro, small, and medium enterprises.

The program aims to streamline the development and implementation of innovative products and services by enterprises.

To be granted funds, the applicants are required to conduct research in cooperation with scientists, and utilize innovative solutions

Dotacje Unijne Warszawa

Contact your advisor - we will guide you through the application process! Our experts will identify the conditions and requirements you are required to comply with in order to actively compete for EU funds.

Don't worry, you can succeed! We accompany our clients at every step of the way, from the very start - compilation of the complete application dossier, until the very end of the process, i.e. clearing of accounts with the fund-allocating institution.

Our services are dedicated to entrepreneurs from across Poland who plan to apply for EU grants worth at least PLN 500,000.

We do not cooperate with individuals who intend to start a business on their own.

Competitions Types of projects eligible to obtain EU funding

Measure 1.1
R&D projects of enterprises

Submeasure 1.1.1
Industrial research and development work implemented by enterprises

This measures is aimed at supporting projects comprising industrial research and/or experimental development (in order to be eligible for co-financing, projects need to involve experimental development activities)

Measure 3.2
Support for R&D results implementation

Poddziałanie 3.2.1
Research for the market

The financing under the measure is provided for projects related to implementation of R&D results, own or acquired, in enterprises; the objective of the implementation is to introduce product or process innovations to the market, with preferences for NSIs.

Measure 2.1

Support for investments in R&D infrastructure of enterprises

Co-financing provided to enterprises to support creation and development of R&D centers.

Measure 2.3
Pro-innovation services for enterprises

Measure 2.3.2
Bony na innowacje dla MŚP

Financing will be provided to enterprises that contribute to the development of new or considerably improved products or services. The service rendered by research units will be co-funded..

Financing will be provided to enterprises that contribute to the development of new or considerably improved products or services. The service rendered by research units will be co-funded.

Measure 3.3
Support for promotion and internationalisation of innovative enterprises

Measure 3.3.3
Support for SMEs in the promotion of Polish product brands - Go to Brand

The submeasure implementation is aimed at granting support for entrepreneurs participating in the sectoral promotion programmes and general promotion programmes.


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We offer comprehensive accounting, payroll and HR services. All of our accountants are holders of valid accounting licenses and are registered with the Ministry of Finance. We will handle your financial issues in a professional and reliable manner.

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Yes, our assistance covers the entire process, including application filing and contracting.

If requested, we facilitate the clearance of the accounts with the paying agencies.

We help companies acquire co-financing of projects worth at least PLN 500,000.

Our remuneration is settled on a case-by-case basis.

As a rule, there is a separate remuneration for preparing the application dossier, and the final commission on the total amount of the allocated funds


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