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Virtual Address for your Business

Are you planning to set up a company and looking for a business address to add value to your company? Virtual office is a service with which you can register your business at the available locations.

This is a perfect solution for freelancers, start-ups, people working outside the office most of the day, and for entrepreneurs who prefer top-notch solutions. Learn more about the benefits of having a virtual company address in Warsaw and add-on services by Biznes Spot.

Warsaw is a city where many companies have established their offices to put their best foot forward. Warsaw offers countless business opportunities, the local business environment can be very competitive. If you want to establish or enhance your professional reputation, make sure to get a prominent business address. In the capital city, this is something that really matters.

A virtual office in Warsaw

Biznes Spot offers virtual offices located in much sought-after locations. It’s up to you which virtual business address to choose. One of the Biznes Spot locations is situated in the best-connected area of the city. This will definitely add added value to your new business address whenever you opt to rent on-demand office space or conference room to meet with your clients or prospects. Another Biznes Spot address is located in one of the most vibrant districts of Warsaw, a home to modern office buildings and infrastructure convenient for business.

Who it’s for? Virtual Business Address – Warsaw is designed for business owners who do not want to register their business at their private residential address. A virtual office is a perfect solution for those professionals and entrepreneurs who do not have to be physically present at the office on a daily basis. With the virtual service, you can have professional office staff take care of your office management tasks, such as collecting mail or answering calls. This business solution is often preferred by companies operating in new market sectors, such as IT. You too can boost your chances of success in business. Choose an address that will help you establish and enhance your business reputation.

Virtual address for business

Before forming a company, you have to first decide which business address to enter in the business registration forms. If you already run a company, you might want to change your current business address. Also, you may no longer be able continue your business in your current location for various reasons. If so, you might want to consider choosing a virtual office as a place of your business. Why to choose Biznes Spot? When it comes to running a company, the best possible business address can be an invaluable asset. For clients and prospects, your business address can be the first indicator of whether you are a trustworthy business partner. The company's registered office may also determine whether a prospective client would want to contact you in order to start cooperation or learn more about your offer. A prominent business address in Warsaw, home to businesses operating in various flourishing industries, can be particularly valuable. Biznes Spot is reaching towards the expectations of business owners who are looking for a sought-after and well-established location. Choose the address where you want your business to thrive.

(PLN net)
address +
Place of
business 5
Place of
Place of
business +
Special offer! pl. Powstańców Warszawy 2, 00-030 Warszawa
1 year for advance 49 59 69 89 109 199 159
monthly - - 99 127 149 257 189
Special offer! ul. Nowogrodzka 56a, 00-695 Warszawa
1 year for advance 53 59 69 99 119 209 179
monthly - - 109 139 169 297 199
ul. Wiślana 8, 00-317 Warszawa
1 year for advance 73 89 115 139 175 269 195
monthly - 129 159 199 237 337 237
Scope of services
Address to register
a business
Address for 
via e-mail
    5 letters /month no limit no limit no limit  
        once a month once a month  
Dedicated telephone line          
    1 h/month +
5% discount
2 h/month +
5% discount
3 h/month +
10% discount
4 h/month +
15% discount

Additional Virtual Office services

Individual locker for documents 60 per month, 600 per year
Mail forwarding on demand 10 + postal payment
Mail scanning on demand 5 per page
Courier mail payment + 25%
Return of mail sent by client 5 + postal payment
Printing and copying 0,3 - black-and-white copy, 0,5 - color copy
Logo display 500 per year


All quoted prices are expressed in Polish zloty (PLN) and exclude VAT. A contract security deposit  payment shall be collected on conclusion of a Virtual Office contract.
The security deposit will be returned upon termination of the contract.

Looking at the map of Warsaw, there are many parts of the city offering favorable conditions for running a business. Virtual Office in Warszawa-Mokotów – in this city district, you will have convenient communication options with all other parts of the city and proximity to academic and cultural centers. Virtual Office in Warszawa-Praga district is another location to consider. It offers a convenient location for business and less traffic. Also, entrepreneurs increasingly appreciate Warszawa-Wola district as a place for business. This city district will soon have new metro stations for even better connection with the city center. If you want to reach your company fast and easily, consider renting a virtual office in Warszawa-Wola district.

You can sign a virtual office lease agreement for either a shorter or a longer period of lease. Note that a long-term contract is more cost-effective. Consider this if you want your virtual office in Warsaw to be rented at an affordable rate. Note that, with each subsequent change of address, you will also need to change your corporate documents. Before you sign a lease agreement, read it carefully and check the items included in the virtual office service. Our offer is comprehensive and, in addition to a prominent business address, it includes a number of add-on services that will support your business. Virtual Office in Warsaw – affordable price, comfortable interiors and great locations are what we offer.

Virtual telephone number for your company

The virtual office service will make it easier for you to run a business. Our main goal is to provide a prominent address for your company, but also to make your business operations as convenient as possible. You can also add some extra features to your virtual office, such as a virtual telephone number for your company. Biznes Spot hires highly-qualified office staff. While you focus on running your business, we take care of your customer service. So you don't have the time to answer company calls? Do you spend most of your time outside the office? You will definitely benefit from the support provided by Biznes Spot.

What is a virtual phone number? Whenever your client or contractor contacts your company by phone, the call will be redirected to a Biznes Spot employee who will answer it and share the necessary information. We guarantee high quality and professional service of your customers and contractors. Running a business becomes easier if you have a reliable partner supporting your every step of the way.

If there are more and more orders pouring in and you want to keep in touch with new and prospective clients, try the latest solutions available on the market – a virtual company number. If have any questions or want to learn more, we will be happy to talk to you. Contact Biznes Spot to receive comprehensive information concerning our services.

Virtual office and tax audits

Are you anxious about tax audits and it stops you from signing a virtual office lease agreement? Are you wondering whether a virtual business address could be the reason for scrutiny by the tax officials? Let’s make it clear – there is nothing to worry about. A virtual office as a place of business is a widely accepted and recognized solution by tax authorities. A number of tax audits have already taken place in virtual offices and none of them resulted in any fiscal penalties.

If a tax office plans to carry out an inspection in your company, you will receive a legal notification in writing sent to the virtual office registered as your place of business. Biznes Spot staff can collect the mail and will forward any official notifications to you as soon as possible. As a rule, tax auditors request access to company records that you will have to prepare yourself. If you want to meet the tax auditor in Biznes Spot office space, you can use comfortable office premises and rent them for the duration of your meeting with the officials.

Accounting documents may be kept by your accounting office. If this is the case, you will also need to provide the headquarters of your accounting office and notify it of the upcoming inspection.

Still wondering if a virtual seat is a good idea? Contact us and we will do our best to convince you that Business Spot is the right choice! Rely on the trial-and-tested solution and get the most out of our experience with virtual office lease.

Collecting mail at your virtual office

Mail collection and forwarding is another item of Biznes Spot virtual office services. By registering your business at a virtual address, you can have the office management tasks and reception services handled by Biznes Spot. Our staff will collect mail and inform you about any incoming correspondence by e-mail. At your request, your paper mail can be opened, scanned and forwarded to the e-mail address provided by you. Thus, you will be able to check the incoming correspondence on an ongoing basis. This hassle-free feature is particularly useful with legal mail sent to the official place of business as you have statutory deadlines to file your response.

How to check if the offer of the virtual office also includes the mail collection option? Before you sign a lease agreement, read it carefully and check the service conditions. It is often the case that contracts feature provisions specifying the deadline by which the virtual office staff should inform you about the arrival of new mail. Biznes Spot offers fully professional mail service. In addition to saving your business time, you can be confident that your company mail is in good hands. The mail collection service at the virtual office is particularly popular among business owners who run their businesses from various locations and spend most of their time outside the office because of the specifics of the market in which they operate. Would you like to learn more? Visit our offices to discuss the cooperation details.

Company headquarters in any city

Running a business in a large city means both profits and costs. A traditional office can generate considerable monthly expenses that can eat up a large share of your budget. New entrepreneurs often cannot afford to rent and maintain a brick and mortar office in a prominent location because of the high rental fees. A virtual office is an alternative to renting a traditional office, with which you get an impressive and professional address for your business. In addition, you can sign up for all-inclusive receptionist and secretary services. You can also hold meetings with clients or contractors in on-demand office spaces at the agreed time and date. With a virtual office, you are only charged with the actual use of the offices and conference rooms. This translates into significant office-related cost savings. A virtual office in Warsaw – the cheapest is not always the best. When browsing the offers of virtual office services, pay close attention to what your company actually needs and what is offered.

The advantage of a virtual office is that you can run your business from anywhere you like, and choose a city for your company's headquarters that will boost your company’s image. Warsaw is an exciting place to do your business in. It is here that businesses from the key market sectors and industries establish their offices. You can also become part of this world of business by choosing a recognizable address for your company. Biznes Spot offers convenient locations in the Śródmieście district and a cost-effective virtual office. Warsaw is the place where your company has the best chance to thrive and shine. Use this opportunity!


Discounts and special offers for the Virtual Office services

Free help with business registration

Wnioski KRS


Choose our Virtual Office for your company, and we will settle all address update formalities with the National Court Register KRS for free.

50% discount on accounting services

Księgowość Warszawa


We offer 50% discount on accounting services for all new businesses.

Start a company and register at one of our business venues to get a 3-month discount.

Conference room included

Sala konferencyjna Warszawa


Contract with us to get a free monthly access to a conference room:

My Business Address+: 1 hour
My Head Office: 2 hours
My Head Office+: 2 hours
My Virtual Office: 3 hours
Virtual Secretary Office: 1 hour
Office Services: 4 hours


Starting a company

Zakłdanie firm Warszawa
Starting a company

Rely on our experienced professionals to help you set up a company easily and quickly without too much hassle. Our experts will also settle all company data update formalities.

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Conference rooms

Sale konferencyjne Warszawa
Conference rooms

Meet your business partners in a professional Biznes Spot conference room. Your guests will be welcomed by a receptionist. They will be offered coffee, tea, and a selection of biscuits at your choosing. You can rent a conference room for a few hours or a full day. We also offer a parking space right next to the office building or at an underground parking lot, which is a very convenient option.

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Księgowość Warszawa

We offer comprehensive accounting, payroll and HR services. All of our accountants are holders of valid accounting licenses and are registered with the Ministry of Finance. We will handle your financial issues in a professional and reliable manner.

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What is a virtual office?

Virtual office is the official place of business of your company. This is the address where the company is legally registered at. All statutory mail will be sent to this registered office address. Our registered office address allows you to use other office services, including your personal virtual assistant. You may use the office services to the extent needed. You dont have to rent your own office space, hire office personnel, or buy any office equipment.

What are the office working hours?

Our office premises are open from Monday to Friday, between 09.00 AM and 5.00 PM. This is when you may collect your mail, hire a conference room, or work with your assistant.

What does mail registration service involve?

Each parcel or letter we collect for you will be registered in your personal correspondence logbook, along with the exact receipt date, sender, and number.

Who can receive my incoming mail on my behalf?

Your incoming company mail can be collected by any individual who is authorized to do so in writing.

Do I have to deliver my company stamp?

No, we do not need your company stamp. The incoming company mail will be received on the basis of your authorization in writing.

What happens with my incoming mail if I fail to collect it from you?

We will keep your correspondence at Biznes Spot for the period of 6 months from the date it was received. After this period, your mail will be shredded.

When and how will I be notified of incoming mail?

You will be notified of incoming mail on the same day it is received.

If any mail is delivered to us after 3:00 PM, it is possible that your notification will be sent on the next business day. You will get your notifications to the e-mail address provided

When will I get scans of my incoming mail?

We will send you scans of your correspondence on the day it is received. If any mail is delivered to us after 3:00 PM, it is possible that the scanned correspondence will be sent on the next business day.

How often will you forward my correspondence by regular mail?

Your correspondence will be sent on a weekly basis, by registered mail, to the correspondence address provided.

What does the telephone service involve?

Your company will have a dedicated telephone number. You can record your own welcoming message.

If any of your clients calls your number, your company name will be displayed in the system. The receptionist will be ready to answer the telephone using the name of your company. The receptionist will follow your instructions: the call can be either redirected to the telephone number provided, or the receptionist may continue the conversation and report the information obtained back to you via the client panel.


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