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Get your registered business address with a professional Virtual Office service and share your company new location with your contractors. You can use your new office to handle all your company communications and correspondence. You will have a company phone number and a real venue for meetings with business partners.

Virtual Office allows you to establish and operate a company at a prestigious location, avoiding the unnecessary cost of renting a whole office for your business. You also don't have to hire a secretary to answer telephone calls or check e-mail. All incoming telephone calls are answered in your company name by our professional on-site receptionists, who will also handle your correspondence.

It is you who decides which services your company needs and when.

Two prestigious locations in Warsaw to choose from:

ul. Wiślana 8, 00-317 Warsaw
pl. Powstańców Warszawy 2, 00-030 Warsaw

Service / Package My Business Address My Business Address+ My Head Office My Head Office+ Virtual Office Virtual Secretary Office
Address to register a business
Address for correspondence
Mail reception
(letters, courier post, small parcels)
Mail storage
Mail registration
Notifications via e-mail
Mail scanning (up to 100 pages)
Mail forwarding on a weekly basis
Dedicated telephone line with a telephone answering service
Conference room 1h 2h 3h 4h
Logo on the office wall 50%
50% discount
Monthly payment - 139 195 259 395 259
Annual payment 924 1044 1548 2148 2844 2148
Annual payment (price per month 77 87 129 179 237 179

Additional Virtual Office services

Mail forwarding on demand 10 + postal payment
Mail scanning on demand 5 per page
Courier mail
payment + 25%
Return of mail sent by client postal payment
Return of non-delivered mail 10
Printing and copying 1 - black-and-white copy, 2 - color copy

All quoted prices are expressed in Polish zloty (PLN) and exclude VAT. A contract security deposit equivalent to a gross monthly rental payment shall be collected on conclusion of a Virtual Office contract. The security deposit will be returned upon termination of the contract.


Discounts and special offers for the Virtual Office services

Free help with business registration

Wnioski KRS


Choose our Virtual Office for your company, and we will settle all address update formalities with the National Court Register KRS for free.

50% discount on accounting services

Księgowość Warszawa


We offer 50% discount on accounting services for all new businesses.

Start a company and register at one of our business venues to get a 3-month discount.

Conference room included

Sala konferencyjna Warszawa


Contract with us to get a free monthly access to a conference room:

My Business Address+: 1 hour
My Head Office: 2 hours
My Head Office+: 2 hours
My Virtual Office: 3 hours
Virtual Secretary Office: 1 hour
Office Services: 4 hours


Starting a company

Zakłdanie firm Warszawa
Starting a company

Rely on our experienced professionals to help you set up a company easily and quickly without too much hassle. Our experts will also settle all company data update formalities.

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Conference rooms

Sale konferencyjne Warszawa
Conference rooms

Meet your business partners in a professional Biznes Spot conference room. Your guests will be welcomed by a receptionist. They will be offered coffee, tea, and a selection of biscuits at your choosing. You can rent a conference room for a few hours or a full day. We also offer a parking space right next to the office building or at an underground parking lot, which is a very convenient option.

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Księgowość Warszawa

We offer comprehensive accounting, payroll and HR services. All of our accountants are holders of valid accounting licenses and are registered with the Ministry of Finance. We will handle your financial issues in a professional and reliable manner.

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Virtual office is the official place of business of your company. This is the address where the company is legally registered at. All statutory mail will be sent to this registered office address. Our registered office address allows you to use other office services, including your personal virtual assistant. You may use the office services to the extent needed. You dont have to rent your own office space, hire office personnel, or buy any office equipment.

Our office premises are open from Monday to Friday, between 09.00 AM and 5.00 PM. This is when you may collect your mail, hire a conference room, or work with your assistant.

Each parcel or letter we collect for you will be registered in your personal correspondence logbook, along with the exact receipt date, sender, and number.

Your incoming company mail can be collected by any individual who is authorized to do so in writing.

No, we do not need your company stamp. The incoming company mail will be received on the basis of your authorization in writing.

We will keep your correspondence at Biznes Spot for the period of 6 months from the date it was received. After this period, your mail will be shredded.

You will be notified of incoming mail on the same day it is received.

If any mail is delivered to us after 3:00 PM, it is possible that your notification will be sent on the next business day. You will get your notifications to the e-mail address provided

We will send you scans of your correspondence on the day it is received. If any mail is delivered to us after 3:00 PM, it is possible that the scanned correspondence will be sent on the next business day.

Your correspondence will be sent on a weekly basis, by registered mail, to the correspondence address provided.

Your company will have a dedicated telephone number. You can record your own welcoming message.

If any of your clients calls your number, your company name will be displayed in the system. The receptionist will be ready to answer the telephone using the name of your company. The receptionist will follow your instructions: the call can be either redirected to the telephone number provided, or the receptionist may continue the conversation and report the information obtained back to you via the client panel.


Would you like to know more? Call us or leave your contact details and we will call you back!

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